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What is PHRESHLIFE about?

PHRESHLiFE is a premier online marketing & clothing brand company that epitomizes all things PHRESH. Being PHRESH is acknowledging that each day will bring you a new chance to pursue your dreams. Our designs, apparel and artist all represent one thing and that is to Make Your Dream Your Reality.
It’s about giving yourself a PHRESH start, being DIFFERENT, remaining AUTHENTIC, knowing your WORTH and living your BEST life. PHRESHLIFE LLC is also the official merchandise brand for recording artist Lavaman. We appreciate you stopping by and hope that you always remember that no matter what you have been through you can always have a PHRESH start.

adapt to living PHRESH


Founder: Curtis Spita Alexander @iamspita

Cheif Executive Officer: Jasmine Jnew Newkirk @iamjnew

el Presidente: Kareem Reem Andrews @pinnacleinterest

Brand Ambassador: Marcus Lavaman James @lavamandarealmad1

Director of Operations: Manfred Hatian Cadet @phreshlife

A Limited Liability Company of Atlanta, Georgia USA